Are you facing financial difficulties in your life? Are you in need of instant
funds to get rid of your money problems? No worries! Pink Slip Loans or
car collateral loans from Equity Loans Canada can provide immediate help.
These are secured loans where a borrower’s vehicle title is used as
collateral to borrow cash. You must be the owner of the vehicle and should
be clear of any financial obligations.

Your vehicle is the answer to your money problems when your bank is not
able to help you out. There is no need to go through any lengthy or difficult
loan applications when you loan with us. Sometimes it can be very
embarrassing to ask friends and family for financial help and you can’t help
feel being judged. Easily get a collateral loan from Equity Loans Canada
when you need quick cash to avoid such situations. Here are the top
reasons why people consider a pink slip loan for their financial needs:

Poor Credit History Does Not Matter!

If you need urgent cash but do not have a good credit rating, you do not
have to worry!. This is because we do not take your credit record into
consideration to decide your eligibility for the loan approval.

In the case of car collateral loans, we require your car as collateral to get
the loan. This makes the approval process very easy and simple.

Get the Loan Fast

There is no doubt that having access to a quick fund is very comforting,
mainly when you find yourself in unexpected financial circumstance. This is
the main reason for the popularity of pink slip loans as you can easily get
approved within the same day.

As soon as you complete and submit your loan application form, we will
process it right away! AS long as all requirements are met, you can get
your cash on the same day of approval.

Pay Medical Bills

Money is needed for many emergency treatments or health issues. During
such times, a pink slip loan with Equity Loans Canada can help people by
providing quick access to funds without having to go through a tedious loan

Pay Utility and Electricity Bills

In case you are on the verge of getting your electricity or other utility
service cut because of late payments, you will need quick cash to resolve
this issue.

Pink slip loans allow you to get the money fast and easily. With us, you will
have the ability to maintain your utility payments and no longer have to
worry about them being cut off.

You do not have to give up your car

The great part about getting a loan with us is that you can keep driving your
car during the entire loan period. This is because we do not keep your
vehicle. We only take the title of your vehicle, temporarily for the duration
of the loan, which acts as the collateral. Once you repay your loan, your car
title will be returned to you.

Stress Relief

Stress can be associated with a lot of things, especially in bad financial
situations. In such cases, you have to come up with ways to relieve the
stress as fast as possible. During these times a pink slip loan helps you
manage your sudden or unexpected financial problems. These loans
provide easy access to cash and help make your life stress free.

payments for your rent.

What are the Benefits of Pink Slip Loans?

● They are fast. Your loan can be approved in a little as an hour.
● They are convenient. You can walk in with your title and get your
cash on the same day.
● There are no credit checks as these loans are secured by the title
and value of your vehicle.
● You will get much lower interest rates with us.

If you’re considering to use your vehicle as collateral to get the cash you
need, Equity Loans Canada can help you get you the money through pink
slip loans.

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