About Us

Equity Loans Canada

We are a car title loan lending company that uses the equity in an asset (your vehicle) to provide you with a collateral secured loan. This allows us to bypass heavy paperwork, employment history, and requiring extensive personal and financial information.

You need to own a vehicle fully paid for and the vehicle must meet the minimum requirements. Click on How it Works or Do I Qualify tabs above for more detailed information concerning vehicle eligibility.

We operate on a same day cash system. We obtain the pertinent information as quickly as possible with an online application form and have photos sent as attachments to allow us a seamless and timely loan process that gets you an appointment the same day you apply.

We offer loans for up to 6 years and provide competitive rates within the car title loan industry. Any of our sales representatives will be happy to help you, give us a call at  1-844-567-7002 to get your quote today!