How To Get A Low Monthly Auto Collateral Loan?

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June 9, 2020
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September 7, 2020
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How To Get A Low Monthly Auto Collateral Loan?

auto collateral loan

If you’re worried about your poor credit score, check out how our auto collateral loan can help. This loan will help you get immediate funds irrespective of a poor credit score. We, at Equity Loans Canada have been providing services to our thousands of satisfied customers across Canada by helping them arrange quick cash through our low monthly auto collateral loans. In this loan, we temporarily keep the title of your vehicle in exchange for instant funds for your cash needs. It’s a quick and secure option of borrowing money when you are in dire need of cash without having to go through a credit check. Whatever happened in the past stays in the pasts, and all that matters to us is your present money needs. We do not check your credibility using your past loans or debts. This means no more loan rejection due to bad credit history or low credit score. The loan is provided to you solely on the basis of your vehicle’s equity value and present condition. If your vehicle is fully paid for and meets other basic parameters for a title loan we will be more than happy to help. We understand that the need for funds can arise at any point in life. You may not always be in a position to accommodate such sudden requirements. You also cannot improve your credit score overnight to borrow from a bank. The bank can easily reject your loan application if your credit score is low. However with us, we won’t judge you on the basis of your credit score.


Getting funds through a car equity loan is a very convenient and quick process. Filling out our online application form takes just a couple of minutes and the entire loan process can be completed within a day. Requesting and getting the approval for a loan is now just a few clicks away.

  • Fill out our simple online application form or call us.
  • Provide the details of your vehicle: year, make and model.
  • Bring your vehicle to our nearest location for inspection.
  • Once the evaluation is done and the loan is approved, the funds will be given to you in a few hours. During this whole process, our friendly staff will be there to help. You will need some basic documentation to be eligible to borrow funds against your car title. The paperwork is simple and we do not require any complicated documentation. We require the following:
  • Fully paid for vehicle no older than 10 years.
  • A lien-free vehicle title Proof of permanent residence (a piece of computer-generated mail) Vehicle registration papers in your name Vehicle insurance papers in your name that include collision and comprehensive
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license
  • A second set of keys to your vehicle
  • Proof of legal age as per your province

Advantages of auto collateral loans

There are many lenders that’ll provide you a car title loan but if you borrow from us, you will have the following advantages:

No Credit Checks-
We provide funds on the basis of your vehicle. Your credit score is none of our concern. You can apply even if your credit score is poor. We also accept ‘no credit score’ loan requests too.

Get Instant Auto Collateral Loans – You get cash instantly after the loan approval. There is no need to wait since we understand the urgency and start working on your request as soon as we receive it. You can borrow from us an amount of up to $60,000 instantly. If you are looking for a low monthly auto collateral loan today, Equity Loans Canada is the right place for you.

Keep Your Car- We will only keep the title documents of your vehicle as collateral. You are free to drive your car as usual. You need to only bring it in for inspection to determine the loan amount you may be eligible for. Once that is done, you can take your vehicle home along with the funds. There is no need to surrender your vehicle.

No Job Requirements- We will not ask you to produce proof of income in order to borrow from us. We do not do any verification checks on your employment either.

Competitive Interest Rates- We assure you competitive interest rates in the auto title lending industry. We do not want to burden you with heavy installments especially when you are going through a tough time. Our low interest rates keep your monthly payments pocket-friendly.

Longer Loan Terms- You not need to repay us immediately. You can borrow from us for a loan duration of up to 4 years. This helps you in making your monthly payments with ease.

No Prepayment Penalty- You are free to make an early payment to close out the loan. We will not levy any prepayment penalty over this. This is an open ended loan. Call us toll free 1-844-567-7002 or visit our website to apply online!