Visit Mt. Kelimutu With Car Finance Windsor Ontario

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March 7, 2023
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Visit Mt. Kelimutu With Car Finance Windsor Ontario

Located in Central Flores Island, Indonesia, Mt. Kelimutu is a popular tourist destination, home to three magical lakes with varying colors. Mount Kelimutu national park is small, actually one of the smallest, but it is worth visiting. Use your car finance Windsor Ontario and explore Mount Kelimutu.

What To See and Do At Mount Kelimutu National Park. 

Visiting Mount Kelimutu is a beautiful experience. With its unique attractions, your vacation will be fun and full of beautiful memories.

  • Visit the three crater lakes. The twin lake constantly changes color, and the third lake is in its separate crater. You can reach this third lake, whose dark green or dark blue color does not vary much, by climbing up to Inspiration Point. You can never tell what color of the lake awaits you when you reach the top, which is exciting. You can view the lakes but not swim in them because of the toxic sulfuric water. The cliffs that surround the lakes are steep and dangerous.
  • Trekking. For those adventure seekers, trekking is one of the best ways to explore the beauty of Mount Kelimutu National Park. The scenery is beautiful and picture-perfect. Take the 2 to 3 hours trek from Moni to the National park, passing hills and rice terraces.  

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