Auto Title Loan – Get Up To $60,000 Instantly

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January 19, 2021
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Auto Title Loan – Get Up To $60,000 Instantly

Auto Title Loan

A financial crisis is always a bummer in a smooth-sailing life.  Unexpected and unwanted events make it impossible to manage all the expenses and can leave you stressed out! Arranging cash payments for urgent needs can be difficult. When it comes to bank loans, they require a good credit history and proof of employment. This can be very time-consuming.  

An auto title loan Ontario from Equity Loans Canada, however, can help you get out of this tough time with ease. All you have to do is use your fully-paid car as collateral and get the loan amount based on your car’s equity. We can help you get up to a $60,000 loanable amount using your car. >

What is The Auto Title Loan Ontario Process?

  • Fill up a basic online application form or give us a call.
  • Submit the paperwork for verification.
  • Bring your vehicle for inspection.
  • Review our loan terms and conditions then sign the agreement papers. 
  • Get your money and drive away with your vehicle!

At Equity Loans Canada, we accept all types of vehicles for our collateral loans such as; a truck, SUV, Van, sedan or even a motorcycle. As long as the vehicle is not older than 10 years and is-lien free, we’ll help you get the loan amount based on its overall working condition. Your car will be inspected thoroughly and car documents will be verified. Then you’ll sign an agreement with all the terms and conditions. 

Once everything is done, you will be approved instantly. The best part is you can take your cash as well as your vehicle because we won’t keep your car with us. We only temporarily hang on to the  vehicle title papers for the duration of the loan since it acts as security. You can say that it is one of the easiest auto title loans you can ever apply for. 

Basic Prerequisites

The following requirements are needed  in order to apply for the loan. 

  • Proof of legal age in your province.
  • You need to be the owner of a fully-paid vehicle that is not more than ten years old. 
  • Clear title papers to your vehicle are mandatory.
  • The vehicle must be registered and insured under your name.
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license is required.
  • Proof of permanent residency should be submitted.
  • A second set of keys to your car is required at the time of inspection. It should work on all doors and on the ignition.

Getting a short loan for emergencies like overdue credit card bills, house repairs, utility bills and other unexpected expenses is a great idea because you can apply for it in minutes and get the approval instantly. No more waiting for days or weeks. Call our loan agent on our toll free number 1-844-567-7002 now or apply online.


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