Car Title Loans Uxbridge

Equity Loans Canada is happy to be providing Uxbridge, Ontario and the surrounding areas with quick, easy and confidential service for car title loans. The long term loans, we offer are very flexible and you can pay them back easily according to your needs. We provide Car Title Loans Uxbridge without any hassle depend on the age, make and model of your car.

You can avail yourself of various advantages with them by keeping your car with you during the entire loan period. No credit record is needed for a car collateral loan here. Just give your car title and other documents to us and it’s done! The value of your vehicle will decide the loan amount. All you need is your vehicle to get an estimate!

Some Of The Reasons to choose Car Title Loans Uxbridge:

    • Get the Cash in hand on the same day of approval
    • No credit checks need to be given. You can get a loan with bad credit.
    • The fast and easy loan process
    • No penalties for paying out early
    • No job requirements
    • Keep your car during the loan
    • Longest loan term in the industry of up to 6 years!


Benefits of Car Title Loans Uxbridge

No credit checks

Your bad credit history or job details are not our concerns. You get instant funds even on the same day of loan approval. There are no credit checks done by us. Your vehicle is your credit.

No Prepayment Penalty

Our loan is an open-ended loan which means you can close it by making an early payment whenever you want. There will be no prepayment penalty charged on you for doing so.

Competitive Interest Rates

We ensure the lowest interest rates in the market. We provide our loans at competitive interest rates which benefits you.

Get Cash Fast

Equity Loans Canada helps you deal with your financial crisis by providing instant cash. Do not feel stressed over your need for quick cash requirements, we will certainly help you during your tough time.

Keep your vehicle with you

Drive off with your vehicle and keep using it during the loan period. There’s absolutely no need to store your vehicle with us.

Basic requirements for Car Title Loans

    • You must have vehicle registration and insurance papers.
    • You must possess a Canadian driver’s license.
    • Proof of permanent residence.
    • You must be of legal age in your province.
    • Your vehicle must not be older than 10 years.

Steps to apply for a Car Title Loans in Uxbridge with us

    • Fill out the online application form or call us.
    • Set up an appointment at our location nearest you. 
    • Submit all the necessary documents to get all the information to complete your paperwork.
    • Receive the cash and drive away with it.

So, hurry up and call (toll-free) 1-844-567-7002  or apply online to get your loan now.

Serving Uxbridge and the surrounding areas

Address: 87 Pond St, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1H9

Applying for a car title loan with Equity Loans Canada is a lot easier than applying for standard loans. For our title loans you can apply from anywhere and the hassle-free process makes it the best. We will be more than happy to help you through your difficult times.

Call us at our Toll-Free number and get approved quickly.